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World leading German manufacturer Alape, brings more than 100 years of experience to the creation of good quality and innovative bathroom equipment products. Every basin in the Alape range is pressed individually from a seamless sheet of steel before being fired with a rich glass enamel glazing known as Ceramostahl. Durable and beautiful, Alape creates designs that will stand the test of time and be admired for many years to come.

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Alape Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

Glazed steel is light, but extremely robust and used in all Alape basins. The compound material is harder than granite or emerald and sets itself apart thanks to its impact resistance.

Alape Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

Transformation of Steel

Steel stabilised with titanium creates the foundation for designing geometrical basic shapes that allow minimal radii and edge angles of 89 degrees.

Alape Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

Ecological Responsibility

Alape products do not contain any substances hazardous to nature as a matter of principle, such as cadmium, lead or solvents, and are therefore ideally suited to sustainable construction.

Alape Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

Individuality through Variety

Available in hundreds of colours and shades, as well as either in gloss or matt, Alape basin surface can also be personalised with special “easy-care” and “antibacterial surface” coatings.

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