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ARMANI and ROCA unite their world-leading experience and talent and set out to create an intimate and elegant bathroom area which can provide a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere.

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Full Solution at Interior Affairs

Full Solution

Armani Roca Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

The ARMANI bathroom concept is an island of sophistication with a revolutionary approach which offers all kinds of practical solutions to the most contemporary home.

Armani Roca Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

One Unique Piece

The sanitary ware elements are made from one unique piece and suspended by hidden brackets, allowing for optimum hygiene maintenance.

Armani Roca Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

Elegant Sophistication

ARMANI/ROCA also offer accessories that are a symbol of elegant sophistication for personal care.

Armani Roca Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

A Transformation

An ARMANI/ROCA shower space transforms the daily act of showering into a deeply sensual experience.

A Pioneering Collaboration

ARMANI/ROCA embodies Giorgio Armani’s unmistakable flair for interpreting the mood of a home, transferring his individual aesthetic values to product development and interior design.

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