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A manufacturer of steel/enamel bathing, washing and showering products, BETTE, is renowned for its high quality and design expertise. The company, which remains family-owned, uses only natural and high grade materials — titanium steel, glass and water — and is produced in BETTE’s own factory in Germany.

Product Range

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Shower Trays

Bette Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

Smooth & Even

The BETTEGLAZE® surface has light reflecting qualities that is easy to clean, is more durable than marble, plastic or iron and is guaranteed for 30 years.

Bette Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

Making a Difference

The BETTEFloor Shower Area encourages aesthetic bathroom creativity and offers a variety of forms and colours.

Bette Bathrooms at Interior Affairs

Quick Installation

Whether a new bathroom or refurbishing, there is huge scope for creativity when installing Bette Shower Trays thanks to the flexible BetteInstallation System.

BETTE's Advanced Steel Moulding Process

Thanks to consistency and decades of experience in forming steel, Bette has become one of the most specialized producers of premium steel/enamel products.

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