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ViClean D&E Range
Electronic bidet seats

Villeroy & Boch’s electronic bidet seats from its ViClean D&E Range are the perfect symbiosis of toilet and bidet. Discover a unique feeling of cleanliness with the ergonomic shower functions of the seat, without compromising hygiene and cleanliness.

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ViClean range of electronic bidet seats combine clear, elegant lines with great practicality.

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Comfort at your fingertips

The intelligent, stylish infrared remote control has more than 20 different convenient functions, such as a warm-air dryer with five temperature settings, automatic opening and closing of the seat and lid and an air purifier for automatic odour extraction.

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Anti-bacterial Properties

The seats are made of a patented anti-bacterial material that enables quick and easy cleaning and acts as a protective resistant surface coating. The stainless steel water nozzle is cleaned automatically before and after each use for optimum cleanliness.

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Clear Conscience

ViClean D+E offers economical use of resources – particularly with regard to the efficient use of electricity and water. Thanks to the automatic On/Off switch and the system’s constant operation in energy-saving mode for 3, 6 or 9 hours, power and water consumption are greatly reduce, without compromising on the cleansing performance.

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Design competence

Designed to skilfully seal the ceramic and form a harmonious unit without any unsightly edges and gaps. It is compatible with 16 toilets from V&B, mainly from Subway 2.0 and Omnia Architectura collection.

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